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May 25th, 2023


AccessH2O is currently undergoing a review of our how the first two years have met our desired goals to assist individuals and communities.  We are tracking to see how we may better serve the needs of our communities by reviewing our prior applicants, successes, and where additional needs remain.  

Our new model will include a component of ongoing financial assistance along with helping water utilities model successful programs for their communities.  

Program roll-out is beginning June 1, 2023 and will be completed July 31, 2023.  

"Dripping water hollows out stone, not through force but through persistence" - Ovid

AccessH2O provides financial assistance, education, and support to individuals and families experiencing temporary financial hardship to avoid water shut-off.  

A future where safe and reliable water service is never compromised over an individual's financial circumstance.






Promote and support responsible water bill payment habits by providing financial assistance to customers experiencing temporary hardship.



Heighten trust amongst customers and utilities by encouraging and facilitating regular engagement.



Promote the responsible use of water and water conservation efforts by educating customers on water usage and incentivizing the identification and resolution of leaks in a timely manner.

"For of those to whom much is given, much is required"

- John F. Kennedy


Just like flowers, water nurtures growth in people and communities.  Over the years, Madeleine and I (Maria) have found ourselves the fortunate recipients of opportunity.  While neither of us grew up in tremendous wealth, our lives were not fraught with the worry brought on by turning the tap in the kitchen and seeing it fail to run.  Both of us worked for the City of Baltimore Department of Public Works where we saw an infrastructure faced with nearly five decades of pipe disrepair and a city with a 24% poverty rate looking for explanations:  How can the poorest among us pay the greatest price for clean water?

This is not just happening in Baltimore - city after city across the United States is faced with the sobering reality that the sheer lack of priority placed on infrastructure maintenance has led to water rates doubling and tripling in a matter of years.  With no federal assistance support structure in place like its energy cousin, individuals have faced water shut-off, property liens, and even evictions due to water debt that they just cannot pay.

This problem became our mission. Madeleine, as a professional engineer, saw water as a scarcity through her time in the Peace Corp.  We do not want any family in the United States to face water shut-off due to hardship - the repercussions are too great. Investing in families, giving them support and some relief from the enormous weight of water debt, means investing in the future of our communities.

The story of my family started in Pacentro, Italy and it is only through the sacrifices of Carlo, Maria, Bruno, Alberina, Carlo, Anna Maria, David, and Rita that any successes of mine were possible.  It is time to pay it forward and give all our communities a chance to do more than to survive - they should thrive.  


Glass of Reality

Reality Two
One in twenty homes is disconnected for unpaid bills - with some unable to reconnect for longer than 12 months or more.

Reality Three

Due to pandemic unemployment and stay at home orders along with shut-off moratoriums, many customers are nearly one year behind on their home water bills while utilities have experienced 500% or more jumps in past due balances - creating an even larger gap in an already delayed investment into water infrastructure.

Reality One
Between 1990 - 2006, US Water and Wastewater bills have increased, on average, over 105%

Between 2010 and 2018, the combined price of water and sewer service in 12 major US cities increased by an additional 80%

Our Customers Say It Best

(And We love them for it)

"Thank you so much for your assistance! I was really struggling and had to make some tough choices on which bills to pay and got myself really behind.  I was so embarrassed! I don't ask for help much, but this whole process has made me accountable and able to pay my bill on time again.  Your assistance has gotten me out of the hole, and i'm proud and grateful to accept help.  Thank you so much!”

Customer, City of Tempe, AZ

“I was laid off at work and have a high balance on my water bill that made it possible to be disconnected.  AccessH2O provided great assistance because they still allowed me to be responsible for my current water bills, but ... they are helping me with my past due balance”  

Customer, City of Durham, NC


Step One
Read our 'Apply' Page

Water and Sewer are our specialty

Step Two
Fill out an Application and gather information.  

Step Four
You will hear a response from AccessH2O following our check of eligibility.

Step Three
Submit your Application to AccessH2O.  In the meantime, keep paying what you can towards your bill